Samuelsen Builders
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The Building Process..

We become partners with you when building your home.  Our goal is to create an enjoyable process and eliminate any confusion or stress along the way.  We commit to keeping you in-the-loop, maintaining clear communication throughout each phase of the building process.

Before we begin construction on your new home we will hold an orientation session with you to go over all of the procedures. These procedures create the framework required to guarantee that all the important decisions are made at the proper points along the way and that everyone involved on the project remains on schedule.

We understand the importance of timing and meeting deadlines when it comes to building your home and we’ll do everything in our power to stay on schedule throughout the project. To help us do this, we will create a construction schedule with important and realistic timelines that should be met by all parties involved. We work with both our contractors and sub-contractors to keep them on task and on schedule.

Customer Care Process

Our Customer Care Manager is your partner throughout the building process. Together you will review the owner’s selection and decision schedule to keep the process rolling in a timely manner. This ensures that there won’t be any hold-up in construction while important decisions are still being made. We also stay on top of the process to make sure that your new home is on schedule and ready for occupation when that time comes.

We are strong believers in the “measure twice, cut once” philosophy. We will introduce you to the Samuelsen team that will be involved in the construction of your new home. That way you’ll see familiar faces when you visit the home site during construction and will feel comfortable with the professionals working on your home. We will review our schedule with the entire team and ensure that everybody is on the same page before we ever pick up a hammer.

Samuelsen's Standards of Production

These standards define who we are as a company and help us to ensure that you get the kind of quality and service that you’ve come to expect from a Samuelsen home.

Samuelsen's Standards of Partners

  • Most of our building sub-contractors have been our partners for over a decade.
  • We partner with only the best trade professionals
  • Each trade partner has a defined scope of work
  • All trade partners are familiar with and meet our high standards
  • Our quality standards checklist guarantees your satisfaction

Samuelsen's Standards of Planning

  • We work with customers to create a schedule to finish your project on time
  • We take pride in making efficient use of time and resources
  • We create and communicate a detailed job schedule so everyone involved meets these standards

Completion & Warranty Process..

Upon completion of your house, our Warranty Service Manager, will be there to guide you through every important aspect of your new home. He will help you become well acquainted with the details of your new appliances, filters, HVAC system, plumbing, water systems, gas and electrical systems, and the list goes on. Basically, our team will train you on how to use and maintain every important system and feature in your home so that you will be comfortable and confident living there from day one.